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Melodies Coffee Mug, 15oz

  • In the mood to just unwind and listen to music? Meet Melody, our 15-ounce mug that comes in 2 colors and is crafted from 100% ceramic.

    • BPA and Lead-Free: Sip with confidence, knowing that your health is safeguarded. Our ceramic mug is free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a pure and safe drinking experience.
    • Microwave-Safe: Warm up your favorite beverage while grooving to your favorite tunes. Whether it’s jazz, soul, or gospel, this mug can handle the heat.
    • Dishwasher-Safe: After your musical interlude, simply place the mug in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. No fuss, no hassle—just convenience.
    • Durable White Ceramic: Crafted from high-quality ceramic, this mug boasts resilience and longevity. The glossy finish adds elegance to your coffee breaks.

    Whether you’re sipping a soothing chamomile tea, indulging in a rich cappuccino, or finding solace in melodies, our Melodies ceramic coffee mug is a tribute to the rhythm within us all. Let the music play! 

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